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Off topic, for now.

by on Jun.21, 2011, under Life Blog

Today isn’t a good day for me.

I may need another blog just to let all the steam out. Hehe.

Anyway, my colleague had asked me whether I’d consider joining him on a legacy tourney as a kind of a team member. I’m flattered, because although I love the game with all my heart, I haven’t joined any tourney yet. Yeah, sure. I’m the one to write about magic and yet I’ve never joined a tourney… The way I see it, it’s not about hope many games you’ve won or lost, but how much you love the game itself. But still, I’m seriously considering it.

Especially that I have an objective in mind. To win a tourney using cheap ass cards.

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Welcome to the new world order

by on Jun.12, 2011, under Magic: The Gathering

Welcome to New Phyrexia. It’s a place where everyone it’s treated with equality. It is a utopia where everyone is a law abiding citizen, respectful of each creature’s place in the grand scheme of things.

Yup. Everything and everyone is in its place, because if not, dissidents are enslaved, slain, disassembled, or worse, turned into mindless drones. A perversion of their former selves.

Though it’s been some time now since the phyrexians have taken over mirrodin, hope is not entirely lost. There are still pockets of resistance willing to fight the phyrexians down to the last man, woman, ogre, goblin, elf, vedalken, leonin, construct, equipment.

And also, the survivors have two secret weapons  they don’t even know  about. The powerful planeswalker Karn, the recently liberated creator of their plane. And to a lesser extent, Urabrask, the red phyrexian praetor.

Although phyrexia has been declared the victor in the war, it would not be a great surprise if mirrodin would be visited again in one of magic’s later blocks. Of course, you know that we can’t let the bad guys win, right?

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Back to the drawing board

by on Jun.07, 2011, under Magic: The Gathering

I was so excited by the new deck I copied off of an article I read in the mtg site, I immediately got the components and tested it out.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a bust. As per my previous article, I already recognized the flaws but I wanted to see for myself. I ran several play tests and found the following issues.

It’s good against some creature decks. It’s packed with tons of removal spells but it has difficulty against black decks because its cheapest removal spell has 3 cmc and it can’t deal with black creatures. (Hideous End)

There is no assurance that I can draw the Bloodchief Ascension on the first turn. Which means either I find a way to dig it up fast or find a way to stay alive until I get it.

I’ve decided to try and tough it out but stay on the offensive. Thus, I’ve decided to go black – red.

Splashing red, I believe, gives me options in doing two things: have cheap removal spells that isn’t color dependent and secondly, the ability to deal 2 damage on a whim.

Besides, it’s been a while since I last made a black-red deck, so this should pose an interesting challenge for me.

I’ll post my tentative deck list later when I figure out how I want to do this. I’m tempted to go type 1 just because most cheap burn spells belong in legacy, if not extended.

I will also need to invest in lands, because tap lands just don’t cut it. Hmm… Man-lands? Maybe… Inkmoth nexus? Nah. Too expensive.

I’ll post the results of my new formulation next time.

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Miller Time again!

by on Jun.02, 2011, under Magic: The Gathering

I finally have more than 90% of the components I need for an infinite combo mono-black mill. (Deck List Below) Honestly, I’m not too proud of the fact that I netdecked this. I swear, this is the very first netdeck I made and probably the last!

Anyway, the only reason I copied this is because this is the first miller deck I saw that has Plan A, B and C without even using a sideboard. The main engine for the infinite combo is composed of Bloodchief Ascension and Mindcrank. Granting that Bloodchief Ascension already has three quest counters on it, the infinite mill/damage can be triggered either by having the opponent lose life or putting any card into the graveyard.

Deck List of “Mindcrank Ascension”

1  Bojuka Bog
4  Inkmoth Nexus
1  Mystifying Maze
16  Swamp

2  Geth, Lord of the Vault

4  Bloodchief Ascension
4  Contagion Clasp
4  Decimator Web
2  Everflowing Chalice
2  Grim Affliction
4  Grindclock
4  Hideous End
4  Mindcrank
4  Sign in Blood
2  Spread the Sickness

I tried playing this against a few of my friends and it fared pretty well, although I found some kinks in the deck and will be editing the components soon.

Primary problem is that there are too many 4-of’s in the deck. I don’t think I need 4 copies of Decimator Web. This is a very useful card in the sense that it’s a swiss knife for winning. You can have your opponent lose 2 life (good for Bloodchief Ascension and Mindcrank), mill for 6 cards (the whole point of the deck) and put a poison counter on your opponent (Plan C). But it’s casting cost is a little too high in my deck when I would prefer to finish off the game as soon as possible. I need to limit my casting cost to 3 at the most (except for Geth).

Secondary problem is that weenies can be a problem. I have a lot of creature removal spells in the deck but I can’t deal with an entire swarm rushing at me. I need a mass kill. I’m looking at Black Sun’s Zenith as a weenie removal (although a bit expensive) and works well even against fatties since I can proliferate the -1/-1 counters later on. The BSZ can also take care of Shrouded creatures.

Third problem is that I need to deal at least 2 damage to my opponent in each of 3 turns to have the Bloodchief Ascension go online. It’s easier said than done and although I can proliferate the Quest counter, it still means I would need 4 mana to put an additional quest counter on the Bloodchief Ascension. To  have the Ascension go online as soon as possible means I must be able to deal 2 damage each turn. For this, I have to turn to creatures that deals at least 2 damage either when they enter or leave the battlefield or spells that can siphon opponent’s lives. Think of Blistergrub and/or Exsanguinate

The another problem is dealing with control decks. I need to find a way to disrupt opponents from controlling the tempo. I guess, included here is the fact that my deck is very vulnerable against Enchantment/Artifact hate. It’s such a trouble having to build up 3 counters on the Ascension, only to have its existence revoked on a whim. Unfortunately, I haven’t thought of a solution for this, short of going dual color with blue to give me access to counterspells (which I try to stay away from).

In general, I’m actually pleased with the way the deck works. I just need to give way to more play tests find more kinks in its armor.

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