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by on Aug.31, 2010, under Life Blog

Initially, I would have loved to discuss my passion for milling my opponent to death, but I will have to save it for another time because I am on an hiatus with regard to anything about being a Miller. In the mean time, I have taken it upon myself to focus on another deck I’ve been working on and off for the past few months: Vampires.

Before I begin, let me issue a statement first. I never was, never will be a Twilight fan. However, I will say this; I am a vampire fan. Well, not a “big” vampire fan, but a fan nonetheless. Vampires appeal to me because they represent the extremes of humanity. On one end, they are animals, predators of the highest order whose thirst for blood is the defining characteristic. On the other end, they appear as the most civil, the most Noble, aristocratic order in all of Magic.

It used to be that Vampires were expensive and rare both as cards and as a creature class. In the recent outing of MTG cards, starting from M10, Zendikar Block, and M11, vampires were given a new lease on life (pun not intended). They were made cheaper, but not in the very least weaker than their older counterparts. This makes them more formidable since they can dish out more damage faster.

Formidable, yes. Invulnerable, no. Vampire decks have to be very, very fast if they are to win the game. The longer the game draws out, the more likely your opponent can neutralize your offense. Hey, vampires were never legendary in terms of their defense. The key is to hit the ground running and keep your opponent off balance. Kill off whatever critter comes between them and your opponent. Capitalize on their ability to either fly, cannibalize each other, or rise from the grave via some other cheap revival spell.

I’ll put my Vampire deck components in here later.

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